We offer high-quality cosmetic dentistry services that will leave you with a beautiful smile you can show off everywhere you go! Our focus is on delivering gentle, friendly dental services in a relaxing, spa-like environment, so that your visit is more pleasant than you might expect. See for yourself why our dentist was voted “Best Dentist in Town” by Reader’s Choice!

Our goal is to make your visit a pleasant one, in more ways than one. All of our cosmetic dentistry services are offered in our relaxing, spa-like office to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Some of our cosmetic dentistry services are detailed below. Have any questions? Feel free to call our office or come by next time you’re in the area — we’re happy to accommodate walk-ins.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Banning, CAEveryone wants a brighter smile and we offer multiple methods: in-practice or at-home teeth whitening. Whether your teeth are stained from substances like tobacco, coffee or wine or are simply discoloring with age, we can help bring back a whiter, more youthful smile with:

  • Zoom! Teeth Whitening System
  • At-home teeth bleaching kits

The Zoom! Teeth Whitening System is fast, safe, and incredibly effective. It can transform your smile in just an hour with its state-of-the-art chairside technology.

If whitening your teeth in the privacy and comfort of your own home is preferable to you, we offer at-home bleaching kits that are fast, safe and inexpensive. Contact our cosmetic dentistry practice today to set up your teeth whitening appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers Cherry Valley, CAPorcelain veneers can transform your smile from one you might not be in love with to a grin you can’t help but show off to everyone you meet. If you have had severe dental problems like discoloration, serious tooth decay or missing teeth, dental veneers can give you the picture-perfect porcelain smile you thought you’d never see again. Our dentists use veneers crafted from the highest quality porcelains that last for more than 10 years. The bonding agents we use are some of the most advanced and proven materials on the market. To set up your consultation on dental veneers, contact our office today.


Dental Crown Cabazon, CAIf your tooth has been chipped, discolored, fractured or if it is decayed, bonding is a method our cosmetic dentists can use as an alternative to amalgam fillings. Bonding is an inexpensive procedure that can be completed in one visit, with your troubled tooth looking just like its healthy neighbors by the time you leave our office.


Our experienced, award-winning dentists can use crowns to cap off your damaged tooth, or keep weaker teeth from becoming fractured.


If you are missing a tooth, we can replace it with a bridge, or a “fixed removable denture.” Most bridges last an average of five to seven years, so if it’s been a while since you received your bridge, it may be time to replace it.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a great alternative to bridges, for those who would prefer a removable option, and particularly suitable if you are missing multiple teeth. Set your appointment today to find which service will give you the smile you’ll love for years to come!