Our expert and caring staff will help you get the healthy, beautiful smile you want. We provide all types of dental services, are happy to help walk-in patients, and work with insurance, HMOs and PPOs. If you are in need of any dental services, give us a call, or send us an e-mail (we always answer within 24 hours).

Some of our services include:

Fillings – We can help you with your fillings; whether you need a cavity filled, or an old filling has come loose and needs to be replaced, we’ll make sure your visit goes as gently and painlessly as possible.

Sealants – If you are interested in preventing cavities from occurring in the first place, a sealant may be the right choice for your teeth. Our experienced, gentle dentists can apply an acrylic coating to the surface of each tooth, which will keep your enamel protected against plaque and harmful acids.

Tooth-Colored Restorations – Also known as “white fillings,” these are the tooth-colored alternative to metal fillings (see above point). They are made of composite resin and porcelain, and are the most common choice in modern dentistry, both for safety and aesthetic reasons. If you’re looking for tooth-colored restorations, our dentists will ensure your smile stays beautiful long after your cavities are gone.

Extractions – It’s doubtful most patients smile when they’re in need of an extraction, but our goal is to make yours go easily, with as little discomfort as possible throughout and after the procedure. The dentist will numb your tooth, gums and likely your jawbone, as well, with a local anesthetic to keep pain out of the procedure. We’ll also make sure you’re set with a post-extraction routine to speed up the healing process.

Extraction Alternatives – If you’ve got a serious dental problem but aren’t interested in an extraction, our dentists can work with you to find the best solution for your situation.

Teeth Replacement – After an extraction, many patients will choose to replace the missing tooth for aesthetic or practical reasons. Our dentists can make your new tooth look like it belonged all along.

Resin Onlays & Porcelain Inlays – Visually similar to a white filling, an inlay or an onlay will cover more of the tooth’s surface, while providing a superior level of protection, as they form a watertight seal between the tooth and the indirect filling.
Deep Cleanings – Keep your oral health in top shape with deep cleanings that fend off gum disease and other dental problems the proactive way.

Regular Cleanings – Semi-annual teeth cleanings are a vital part of dental hygiene. As important as brushing and flossing are, no amount of at-home dental care can leave your mouth as healthy and clean as your regular dental cleaning, and we make it as comfortable for you as possible.

Crowns – Whether you need a crown after a root canal, or are trying to fend off damage to a tooth, we’ll be happy to give you the crown that keeps your tooth in great shape.

Full Dentures – Dentures are a wonderful way to enjoy the simple things in life again, whether you’ve lost your teeth due to age, dental disease, or an accident.

Partial Dentures – Partial dentures can be a great alternative to bridges, especially if you are missing several teeth in the same part of your mouth.

Bridges – Bridges are one of our specialties. If you’re missing a tooth (or several), come see our cosmetic dentist to learn how easy it can be to smile again.